Change Your Energy, Love Your Life

Congratulations! Business is going great - mostly. Unfortunately, you’re still convinced you’re not good enough ...or… something is missing ...or… life could be better.

You show up as a confident leader and hold a vision of success for your business, but life feels like it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

You feel stuck and unhappy.

No one would ever suspect you’ve got ‘issues’, you’re harboring emotional pain or you haven’t actually “got it made” and aren’t living the life of your dreams.

It’s been so long since you’ve felt relaxed, in control, and happy that you’ve gotten into a pattern of just showing up and doing what needs doing. You pour that extra glass of wine, grab a second slice of cake, binge-watch Netflix; whatever it takes to numb the disappointment and get through the day. You find your to-do list has become a collection of things you intended to do yesterday or last week. You can hardly remember what it's like to feel motivated and enthusiastic. When's the last time you did something just for fun? 

You don’t know how or what to change to create the life of your dreams, but you’re ready to let go of what’s holding you back and finally move forward.

What if letting go and moving forward is easier than you think?

Imagine leaving past issues behind and taking back the driver’s seat of your life. You’re walking tall, feeling good and have the clarity and energy you need to rock your business and your life the way YOU want to.
You leave the emotional pain and frustration of the past behind, breaking free from the old patterns, habits and self-defeating beliefs that were getting in your way.

You find you can quickly relieve stress and experience peace. You feel confident in your decision making, responding to the events in your life in a way that feels good rather than reacting out of fear.

Reconnecting with your passion for life and for your business has you waking up in the morning eager to meet the day; you even have time for friends, family, and fun. Who knew you could have it all?

I did. :)

Tired of being held back by past issues?

Ready to step into a more empowered way of living?

Together, we can change the energy that’s keeping you stuck so you can live life to the fullest.

That’s my area of expertise! I’m here to help.

When we meet one-on-one, we get down to work and address your specific needs. We ...

  • find and address the real reason behind your discomfort, stress, unhappiness, and inability to move forward so you can invest your time and energy creating a life you love.
  • release the energy around past traumas and the stress and doubt they create so you can stop feeling ‘not good enough’, ‘stuck’, and ‘unsafe’.
  • move you out of low/negative energy states and into high/positive energy states so you can show up in the world the way you want to, with an ease and confidence that supports your happiness and success.
  • learn a new way to think about and process your energy and emotions so you can quickly shift how you feel and enjoy taking action toward what you most desire. (Law of Attraction basics included!)

My one-on-one energy work includes:

New Client Information ‘Paper’work:

Let me know a little bit about who you are, what you want to work on, and what your expectations are as a result of our work together. This will help set us up for focused work that will make a difference right away. 

Energy Work:

As a Master Energist, I use a variety of techniques to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Whether we’re restoring and balancing your energy or digging deep to release emotions associated with past trauma, the work is gentle. You’ll feel safe and capable. You’ll leave our sessions knowing you’ve taken significant action toward happier living and you’ll feel better than you did before.  We'll work together for at least five sessions, to begin with, then we'll see what you want to do from there.

Energy Work Perks:

An introduction to top-notch supplementary techniques you can use when you’re on your own; my best Energy Wellness Booster downloadables, including my EZ Energy Shifts Reference Guide.

Let's get started !  

Interested in working with me one-on-one? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: A complimentary consultation beforehand will ensure compatibility and

direction. Schedule your no-obligation consultation by clicking the button below.

Step 2: We’ll meet via phone or Zoom for your consult and discuss any questions and information you want to cover.

Step 3: If you decide to work with me, we’ll schedule your first appointment and I’ll send you the New Client Information ‘Paper’work. If we’re not a good fit, I’ll be happy to share other possible resources with you to help set you up with something that will work for you.

Questions? Click here to send me an email!

"Before I began working with Karen, I had a great deal of anxiety, depression and low confidence. I had been able to hide my issues for years which became a physical barrier to a happy life. I am now able to go through my life with confidence, focus and little to no anxiety. Better yet, with the tools that Karen showed me, I can work on my own energy clearing any time I feel the need." 

B. A.

"EFT with Karen helps me to create positive energy in my body and my life. I am awakened to the possibility that I can live life from a more authentic, joyful and productive place."

Michelle Peterson
Portland, Oregon

"Before I began working with Karen I had some blocks but didn't quite know how to access them and clear them. During our work together she helped me get to the root issues. Karen has a way of knowing the right questions to ask and the right techniques to get issues cleared. She does this in a very kind, supportive, safe and light hearted way. 

Now I can use the tools she's shown me to help alleviate anxiety, clear issues, be more decisive about what I want to do in my life and to be more aware of what I'm thinking and feeling. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with PTSD, health issues, anxiety, you name it. This is Karen's true calling. She invests herself in her clients and you feel that when you work with her."

What people are saying...

What people are saying...

"It is hard for me to conjure the state I was in when we began our work together. [1 yr. ago] My present experience is so different. No anxiety to speak of and if it does arise I immediately check in with my thoughts and go through a query process adapted from you. I learned from you there is nothing I cannot handle. Feels great to be relieved of useless fear and worry."

New York

"I’m a coach & before Tapping with Karen, I couldn't release the anxiety & stress I was feeling in my body - despite all my mindset tools. I now have a resource to calm my nervous system & focus on the task at hand. I'm so grateful to have found Karen and the tapping process!

Patricia Cimino
Certified Coach for Entrpreneurs • Florida