Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

I help you move beyond limiting beliefs &

step into greatness...

Regardless of where you're at, where you've been or where you wish to be ... I'm in your corner.

🗸 Reduce Stress - Calm your nervous system so you can feel safe and be healthy

🗸 Increase Confidence - Move beyond limiting beliefs so you can be proactive, motivated, and strong

🗸 Create a Fulfilling Life - Raise your energetic vibration so you can be happy, feel joy, and embrace                                                  all this wonderful world has to offer

I appreciate what is weighing you down,

and welcome you to this safe & transformative space where you come to learn, grow & thrive.

Together we'll transform chaos, confusion & frustration into a new level of self-awareness & success.

Professional EFT Tapping Practitioner & Success Coach

Tapping 1:1

Karen helped me resolve feelings I had stemming back to my childhood. Initially, I felt both anxious & fearful, but Karen (& Tapping) transformed my life. I'm grateful to be free of the fear that once held me captive.  B.P. Hawaii

A number of years ago, I overcame trauma as I was faced with a hand I considered folding. Now, my journey & expertise have brought us together. I'm grateful & I'm all in.

Myth: Life is what it is. 

Don't: Accept feeling less than or living with disappointment.

Truth: When you're driven and ready to embrace change ...

            you can become energetically open to life & business.


I've been in your shoes ... I persevered in midst of chaos for 15 years. But I knew there was more & I hoped things could be better.

Traditional methods didn't work ...

I looked beyond traditional methods to heal my adrenal fatigue, physical pain, and depression ... things had to change.

Nothing worked until ... I embraced gentle energy psychology techniques (like Tapping). And then I quickly restored both my emotional and physical health.

It was life-changing.

And it's no secret, traditional methods at times fall short. I'm a firm believer that Tapping will help you create energy awareness & improve your energy flow.

As a result, many of my clients have not only benefited from Tapping, they’ve experienced significant transformations. They now reside in a high-energy state & have a more positive outlook on life. (Testimonials)

This journey belongs to you.

It’s a no-BS, transformative approach: a down-to-earth, intuitive process that brings about joy, health, fulfillment, & inner peace.

Would you want anything less?

I didn't think so.

I'm Karen Aquinas,

an Internationally Certified EFT Master Practitioner & Success Coach. (credentials & training)

My goal is for you to enjoy life to the fullest,

and to gain new insight, establish a higher level of awareness & well-being.

If you're struggling with heartache, overwhelm, or pain, I can relate.

Karen Aquinas