Change Your Energy, Change Your Life

"I'm happy. For the first time in 35 years, I'm happy. My mom even noticed over the phone."

mcminnville, oregon

"I began having personal sessions with Karen to deal with the residual post-traumatic stress from a rape and sexual abuse that caused me to have nightmares. The personal tapping sessions have helped me to heal the trauma and to sleep the most peaceful sleep I have had in years."

"The tapping session Karen did with me was so professional and worked miracles. I was amazingly and non-characteristically calm for my conference workshop. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't love public speaking but I feel I can now do it without feeling tormented."

vancouver, Washington
mcminnville, oregon
burns, oregon

"I have had a lot of therapy with very good therapists. Working with Karen along with my regular therapy has made a huge difference. Issues that stuck with me even though I understood them have been released! My personal growth has been accelerated! I really enjoy working with Karen and she brings lots of tools to help me. Thanks Karen!"

Susan Y.

"Karen has an excellent perception of people and is tactful and competent. She is positive, friendly, and truly caring."

"I have worked with Karen for several years. I sought her guidance for EFT tapping, but she has helped me in so many other ways to move past emotional and relationship issues. She is a wise, compassionate and supportive guide who has given me the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to transform my life. Before working with Karen I felt blocked, stuck and unable to move forward. During our work together she gave me tools I needed to move forward to a better life. Now I can utilize those tools to better implement the results I am seeking."

 "What Karen does is work with the individual to clear energy blocks in order to reach a higher frequency; a frequency that allows the individual freedom to make choices and take action in life without being restrained by doubts and fears."

Nancy P.
Lori f.
Toamasina, Madagascar
Business owner

“The class was informative and well organized. Karen has a true gift for teaching and her EFT skills are incredible. This was probably the most transformative weekend of my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I have been deeply empowered by this experience!”

sherwood, Oregon

“Awesome! I came away from this class with a dozen practical techniques that I can use now! It is so cool to come into a class – humid and tired, and leave transformed; joyous and hopeful ♥”

Karen brings you through the EFT master practitioner class in a way that is supportive and knowledgeable, all the while with laughter and understanding. Her real world knowledge and experience is invaluable."

“This was a lovely course ~ lots of positive energy flowing! Karen is a knowledgeable and fun trainer. I really enjoyed the flow of information and the activities that were presented.”

ashland, oregon
sherwood, oregon
  Traci P.

"GREAT ENERGY!"             

  Sonia Prieto                                       
"Transformation comes quickly and it lasts!"

"Our work together launched me to a new level. I have not returned to the state when we began our work. 

Very grateful for the compassionate and wise approach you take. And so efficient! Transformation comes quickly and it lasts!" 

 "Before I began working with Karen,I had a great deal of anxiety, depression and low confidence. I had been able to hide my issues for years which became a physical barrier to a happy life. I am now able to go through my life with confidence, focus and little to no anxiety. Better yet, with the tools that Karen showed me, I can work on my own energy clearing any time I feel the need."

"Extremely gifted at what she does..."

"I have been given tools on how to let go of all of the things that had happened to me in my life that had caused me to shut myself down and close myself off from my family and friends. It feels amazing to have a whole new outlook on my life. Karen has been an integral part of my journey. She is genuine and supportive. She is caring and thoughtful. She is extremely gifted at what she does. It's amazing to see her in her element.

Because of Karen I am now the person I always wanted to be, living the life I always knew I could.Thank you Karen!"

New York
newberg, oregon
"Karen knows her stuff and knows how to teach."
salem, oregon
"Real tools that will help me help myself..."

“Real tools that will help me help myself better and connect with the me that can shine vs. the me that must stay small. These classes are worth every penny. Great value to bring value back to my life & those around me. WOW!”

ST.louis, missouri
"A safe environment for learning and sharing..."

“Karen was intuitive and fun. She made the class a safe environment for learning and sharing. The class has given me the confidence to pursue energy work. I look forward to using the tools that I learned to impact my life and others.”

edina, minnesota

“Great class that helps increase awareness of how our energy affects our daily life.”

tillamook, Oregon

“Karen’s classes are inspiring. She creates a fun and safe environment to learn techniques and tools to improve your life. It has been empowering! Thank you Karen!”

“EFT is a simple tool that can make profound changes for a better quality of life on any level. Karen makes the class fun as well as educational.”

“I so enjoyed the class – it brought new dimension of how useful EFT can be utilized. The class was very positive, helpful and I plan to put some of the new techniques to use right away. Can’t wait to see the results!”

salem, oregon
coos bay, oregon
mcminnville, oregon

“What a great experience! Karen is fantastic with her great energy! I will come back and recommend to my friends. Fun and refreshing class.”

sonia prieto
keizer, Oregon

“This class has taken me beyond what I knew about feeling good. Karen has shown me that there are more and more pathways to getting to where I want to be emotionally, and with greater ease. Her class, as well as being informative, is also fun. She has a way about her that helps and encourages us to GET IT.”

“Learning more about the EFT technique helped me feel more confident, inspired and creative. I left class feeling very positive and empowered. Thank you Karen!”

“Karen’s presentations are fun, informative and effective. She involves everyone in practicing and trying procedures. She is able to make everyone feel comfortable, confident and positive. I highly recommend Karen’s courses to anyone interested in learning more about EFT and the ways it can improve your life.”

battleground, washington
mcminnville, oregon
"A true teacher..."

"Karen has such a gentle, kind, and uplifting way of teaching. It makes one feel that any question can be asked and it will be answered without condescension or impatience. She is a true teacher and I love to learn from her. Keep doing what you're doing, Karen! It's wonderful and it works!"

mcminnville, oregon

“This class was a great experience and the tools I learned will be very helpful in my career!”

bend, Oregon

"Great class! Thoroughly enjoyed the pace and the information. I’m looking forward to using this powerful tool with myself and my clients. I appreciate the safe and fun learning environment that Karen created for us."

“Another great class! Always so fun and tons of useful information to use right away.”

“This class was such a positive and engaging experience! Having an in-depth knowledge of EFT has definitely changed my life for the better. 

austin brown
portland, oregon
salem, oregon
salem, oregon
"A variety of very effective tools."

"I love the way Karen, step-by-step shows us the various tapping techniques with demonstrations. Then we have the opportunity to practice. I so appreciate having a variety of very effective tools to go up to the +10 positive emotions. Thank you! You are a very clear, effective teacher!"

portland, Oregon

“I came into class having lower back pain and after tapping through the class on things completely unrelated to my back, the pain shifted and was not present at the end of class! Karen is great; very articulate and intuitive. I am very happy I FINALLY made it to one of her classes. Leaving with a much more positive outlook on life!”

pacific city, Oregon

"I just completed Karen's energy EFT Foundation Class and feel wonderful! She is highly focused at providing each person personal understanding on how EFT can be best used in his or her life. I highly recommend participating. She knows what it's all about."

“As usual Karen’s class was fantastic! I appreciate her organization of the material and how easily it flowed. Her mastery of EFT and education both shone through. All of the time that we had to practice really made me feel comfortable with the techniques and I worked through many of my own issues. Thank you!”

“Enjoyed this course. Learned and developed skills to assist my clients and myself to flow with positive energy, throughout our journey."

Francine Hannon
psychiatric social worker
bend, oregon
Sue Scully
salem, oregon
salem, oregon
Personal and professional insights ...

"This course has been very informative and positively interactive. It has given me a solid base for beginning and developing my work with EFT. I am grateful for the insight this has brought to me both personally and professionally. "

calgary, alberta

“Very warm and honest with her teaching style. It was a very safe and positive experience.

Lots of practice time which was very helpful.”

“The EFT technique and Karen's approach to it is deeply empowering, and the results of using it are comforting and immediate. There is definitely new promise for the old emotional pain and finally a way to make peace with the past and with myself, and gives me great hope for the future. Thank you so much!”

"Total fun! Everybody needs to attend this Happy Class! We learn how to tap in feeling happy! It's an awesome tool that adds new depth to all I've already learned about EFT. Love it!"

“I really enjoyed the class. I’ve been tapping for four years now, but I’d only learned through my husband. It was refreshing to get new information and to be around other like-minded people. It made me feel more comfortable with it and to talk to others about it. Life changing for sure. ♥ ♥ ♥”

salem, oregon
mcminnville, oregon
EFT Practitioner, author
lafayette, oregon
portland, oregon
"...how to get back [to a +10] when life happens."

"This course [EFT Deep Dive] is a plus 10! if you want to learn how to live at a higher level of positive energy, this course will teach you. It will teach you how to move through emotional energy, release limiting beliefs and the actual steps to get to a +8, +9, +10 level of happiness. Then how to get back there when life happens. Thank you!"

store owner
corvallis, Oregon

“Karen is gifted at dialing in personally to help people in the class understand the material from a variety of viewpoints. EFT is simple, clear, powerful and anyone can feel a change immediately. It is a way to empower yourself and others."

"What a wonderful experience this course was. It combined learning specific techniques – and there are many – with personal work that demonstrated the depth of healing that results from this work of finding energy blockages and healing them, allowing the energy to flow freely. So many new perspectives, new tools, new understandings – from negative to positive and beyond!"

"What an inspiration! I learned to be open and receptive to EFT. My intention in accepting this course was to learn therapeutic techniques to treat PTSD in vets. The video and training presented proof of results. I'm already using EFT in my practice! Thank you!"

“I knew the basics of EFT before coming to the class, but this was my first real introduction to tapping. I gained a really full understanding of what it’s all about and the purpose. Tapping through the different spots, I felt instantly balanced and awake. It really got me to reflect on some deeper issues that are coming up for me from my past as well. I’m excited and feel inspired to heal those wounds of the past and claim back my energy. Thank you for a beautiful and healing class!!”

salem, oregon
hillsboro, oregon
Certified Alcohol and drug counselor
yamhill, oregon
Shawn Axten
PT/craniosacral therapist
bend, oregon
"... genuine care about each student's success"

“Karen provides a fully developed class with genuine care about each student’s success.

In addition, she has a depth of experience that brings life to each unit. It was a privilege to

be trained by Karen.”

coos bay, oregon

"Karen is an excellent instructor. She made the class fun along with teaching skills and providing the science behind the knowledge of EFT. The class is very “hands on” with plenty of opportunities to practice the skills."

"It was a great experience learning a new modalilty to add to my practice. I was able to see through group practice the power that EFT can have on moving energy and clearing blocked emotions. I can’t wait to add it in to my clinical skills. Loved all the practice and getting to see firsthand how EFT can change lives."

“If you have a passion to help others this class is amazing and will change your life. I am honored and truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with Karen.”

“I highly recommend participation in Karen’s EFT certification courses. She has a wonderful talent for imparting the information in concise and coherent form and never fails to “help, urge, & nudge” in the right direction as you learn and then practice the techniques. I am so delighted that I was able to study under her expert guidance. Thanks, Karen. You Rock!!!”

mcminnville, oregon
tillamook, oregon
mcminnville, oregon
mcminnville, oregon
"...ample opportunity for experiential learning."

"Karen is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated to covering the course material, knowledgeable, provides ample opportunity for experiential learning and offers valuable feedback in response to student questions. I enjoyed Karen's willingness to share her personal experience with these techniques and found her examples illuminating and helpful. It is apparent that Karen genuinely cares that her students understand the material and it's application. It was a delight to meet Karen in person and a real treat to take her training. In addition to this experience enhancing the quality of the work I do in my private coaching practice, I experienced some breakthroughs in my own energy body! Thank you, Karen!"

eft master practitioner & trainer
ashland, Oregon

“EFT is a valuable tool for changing your frame of mind and personal energy level, improving how you relate to others.”

salem, Oregon

“Fascinating, enriching, a wonderful way to solve problems and help others. It's worth every penny and time spent. What an eye opener!”

"Karen is a shining light and has an intuitive way of getting to what the heart needs. Very informative and empowering."

“Karen's insight and experience bring EFT to anyone willing to be open to it. The quickness and effectiveness of tapping are really amazing!"

vancouver, washington
redmond, oregon
"I'm leaving today feeling light, vibrant, empowered, and grateful. Thank you!"

“Karen does a great job at incorporating group activities and familiarizing one with diffrent ways to draw in energies. I'm leaving today feeling light, vibrant, empowered and grateful. Thank you karen!”

lake oswego, oregon
"...on topic and chocked full of content."
deb blecha
owner Graphically deb
elma, washington
“Excellent class! Karen knows her stuff and knows how to teach. Class moved quickly. Helpful, easy to incorporate info. Thanks!”
“You are such a breath of fresh air! Your energy starts working on your students before you open your mouth...and then the lessons stay on topic, and are chocked full of content. You are an amazing teacher!”

“Extremely informative · Love your energy · Will use material immediately · Come back!”

salem, Oregon
salem, Oregon

"It seemed like nothing we did helped our daughter [16 years old], and we tried everything. We saw therapists (many), psychiatrists, hospitalizations, medications … As we worked with Karen, and she helped us navigate our way through our daughter’s needs, we found our child again. Through tapping, the layers of pain and trauma and fear and sadness were peeled away and what was revealed was a balanced, joyful child that was excited about life. …We will be forever grateful for Karen and this miracle of tapping for giving us our lives back."

“Karen is fantastic! She's engaging, has great stories, explains the information and points in multiple ways, is clear, and a total joy to take a class from."


For more testimonials, visit my website on your desktop or laptop computer.

For more testimonials, please visit my website on your desktop or laptop computer. 

“This was wonderful!  You gave me tools I can use everyday. Thank you!" 

Customer SErvice Rep.
aberdeen, Washington

“Insightful and motivating! Amazing how you can move your energy and feel great in a matter of minutes!”

mcminnville, Oregon

"Very informative and empowering."


"Karen is amazing! She has taught and teaches a new approach to life.” 

Traci .P.
salem, Oregon

"Useful - functional, simple, feel better tools for optimum living and thriving."

BEND, Oregon

"I feel happier, stronger, and all around better."


"I highly recommend working with Karen. In one session, Karen helped remove a long standing energetic block and open my life to new possibilities. I had such a profound experience in one session that I could not imagine the need for a second session; I was wrong. The second session was as powerful as the first. By removing the energetic blockades that had permeated my life since childhood, I am now more clear, focused and able to move forward with confidence."

B. a.
Corvallis, ORegon

"I was experiencing a paralyzing episode of depression due to recent emotional trauma. During our work together, Karen helped me neutralize this depression and recognize a group of issues and contributing problems that surrounded this major trauma. She also just listened to me in an attentive, caring, and totally professional way. Aside from the tapping, it was wonderful to simply be in her presence. I feel like a new person now. I am happy and I feel like I have all the tools I need to continue to get happier and happier. I can't recommend her services highly enough. Thank you, Karen, for helping me in my time of need."

"Karen really cares for others and is truly interested in helping you be your best."

McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce

"Two years ago, at my lowest low, I had my first EFT session with Karen Aquinas. Six sessions and a month later, I left her office feeling like I had a new lease on life. I had new tools for helping myself, my spirit was lifted, and I was inspired and excited about everything Karen taught me.

I had to reach out to Karen recently to let her know- thanks to all her help, my life is utterly transformed. In the last two years, I have shed so many things that no longer serve me. I changed careers, attracted wonderful friends and collaborators, started a new side business, and best of all, I know myself and my essence as happiness and love. There are no adequate words of thanks to Karen for her professionalism, expertise, and caring. I recommend Karen’s services to anyone who is ready for a major life upgrade. Thank you and bless you, Karen."

"Such amazing energy ..."

“I walked in with an interest, but very little knowledge or experience with energy work. Karen has such amazing energy, and such skill at teaching - that I am walking out of this course with confidence that I am able to use Tapping to make a difference in my life, and in the lives of those around me. Thank you for an extraordinary 6 hours!”

"It is hard for me to conjure the state I was in when we began our work together. [1 yr. ago] My present experience is so different. No anxiety to speak of and if it does arise I immediately check in with my thoughts and go through a query process adapted from you. I learned from you there is nothing I cannot handle. Feels great to be relieved of useless fear and worry."


"... the results were immediate."

I decided on EFT sessions because of persistent negative self-talk, doubt, and low-self esteem issues that seemed to dominate every single thing I did in my life. I've tried counseling, yoga, mediation, everything. And while all of it helped a little bit, I felt like I had something blocking me.

I came across Karen's group EFT sessions back in 2019. Right from the start, I was impressed with her intuitive power, her kindness, her open personality. And as weird as it may seem to be sitting in a circle, tapping surrounded by strangers, I walked away feeling lighter. I knew there was something to it.

So when I decided enough is enough, Karen Aquinas was the obvious choice and I booked private EFT sessions. Due to COVID, we had the sessions via ZOOM. And it did not hinder the effectiveness of the sessions. She taps, she talks and I followed her lead.

Karen demonstrated a unique ability to know what I needed. Even when I wasn't certain how to word certain things, she picked up on what needed to be done. And the results were immediate.

Thanks to Karen, the annoying, negative, self-talk stopped. I've managed to set goals and began working toward them without nagging self-doubt talking me down to a point where I gave up before I even started. I am glad I gave Karen and EFT a chance.

alexandra R.
Oregon USA