Question for you ...

Do you dream about running a successful business, but keep hitting a wall?

You envision bringing your big idea to life, yet something is holding you back.

• Identify your target audience
• Craft intentional messaging
• Create an offer that sells itself
• Meet deadlines & schedule personal time
• Repurpose content to save you time & serve clients
• Build credibility, authority & know your value
• Generate consistent revenue with a solid sales process
• Plan & track your income to both invest & spend

The Member's Circle is built upon business management fundamentals, with a heart-centered approach & invaluable support from top-notch Business Coaches & Service Professionals.

Twice per month, you’re able to work through what is holding you back with Master Tapping Practitioner & Teacher, Karen Aquinas.

As a member, you’ll ...

• Embrace your transformation with confidence
• Attract, captivate & convert your ideal clients
• Offer products & services with valuable solutions
• Trust what you bring to the table & know your worth
• Energetically align with abundance & receiving money
• Become clear & intentional with your decisions & actions

Here's what's included ...

Energetically Open for Business

• Clarify your priorities & values
• Eliminate overwhelm & stress
• Navigate your role like a BOSS
• Follow an action plan/roadmap
• Manage healthy eating & exercise
• Implement self-care measures

• Embrace a BOSS mindset
• Adopt strategies that work for you
• Run the business on your terms
• Use intuition & oracle cards for guidance & encouragement
• Use Einstein time as a frame of reference & inspiration

• Use energy tools to match the vibration of your goals



Karen Aquinas is a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) / Tapping Master Practitioner and former EFT/Tapping & Energist Trainer. Internationally awarded for excellence in her field, Karen has trained educators, counselors, therapists, coaches, and others in energy techniques for improved health, stress relief, trauma recovery, success, and happiness.

You can see Karen’s credentials and professional bio here.

About Karen

 Energetically Open for Business

Q & A


in Business

 Karen is a wise, compassionate, and supportive guide who has given me the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to transform my life. Before working with Karen I felt blocked, stuck, and unable to move forward. During our work together she gave me the tools I needed to move forward to a better life. 

                       Elizabeth R.

                          Business Owner, Wisconsin

 Before I began working with Karen, I had a great deal of anxiety, depression, and low confidence. I had been able to hide my issues for years which became a physical barrier to a happy life. I am now able to go through my life with confidence, focus, and little to no anxiety. Better yet, with the tools that Karen showed me, I can work on my own energy clearing any time I feel the need.

                       B. Anderson

                          Business Owner, Oregon

Have we met?

Hi! I'm Karen. 

Now that you’re here, you’ll soon realize there is a way to improve your life & business.

And I can help you. I’ve been in your shoes …
It wasn't easy & I didn't become an overnight success. It took years of personal growth, endless teachable moments & hard work.
I persevered …

You've set out on this journey to find answers, to be empowered & to heal what ails you, right?

And if you're tired of doing all the things & feeling like you're stepping backward

Keep your chin up, my friend.

You're in the right place. 

I’m glad you’ve landed here

looking for answers to embrace a fulfilling life & business.

To find your rhythm.

My clients (like you) want to move the needle, remove the barriers, & address the emotional blocks that hold them back from experiencing joy, health & success.

And if, to date, nothing else has worked & you're searching for a solution to break free from the chaos, overwhelm & frustration,

Don't despair...

Together, we’ll tap to release what’s keeping you stuck, to support you in building a foundation in business with ease, & in feeling fabulously aligned with your success.


in Life & Business


Guest Biz Coaches

Energy Work


Audio and Video

Tapping Scripts



All this & more ...

Guest Biz Coaches

Guest Business Coach – we explore a new business topic each month. Here you’ll learn from coaches who are committed to supporting you to run a successful business on your terms.

Q & A

Q & A Session – this is a LIVE exchange. Satisfy your go-getter tendencies by building your business savvy & energy strategies to help you grow a business that feels right to you.


Audio and Video

Energy Work – one session per month is dedicated to energy work to ensure you’re becoming unstuck & addressing those limiting beliefs. We empower you with simple tools you can implement immediately to grow a life & business you love. 

Energy Work

EFT / Tapping Scripts – focused on familiar themes, a script will arrive in your inbox each month to help you lower your stress & move into a solution-focused place of action & clarity.

Tapping Scripts

Sessions are recorded & take place both in the a.m. & p.m. Pacific Time to support multiple time zones. Recordings will be made available to you.

We meet via Zoom for our LIVE group sessions.

Reminders & Links will be sent through email.



Once you’re a member, enjoy a locked-in member rate.

Investment: $27 USD monthly or $37 USD for one month

Marie Forleo and Brendon Burchard promote EFT Tapping as a tool for success in life and business.

“Tapping is a great way to tap into our physiology, literally, to deal with anxiety, to deal with the uncomfortable emotions, to also stir up what makes us feel good. The one-two punch that you’re receiving with tapping, which is a way to access a different mental state, meets the criteria for those first two [high performance] habits." (seek clarity & generate energy)  Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is the world's leading high-performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in history.

What do you get when you blend Business Fundamentals with the Energy of Success?

Let me tell you ...

A thriving business you love.

• Are you stuck on how to build your dream business?

• Are you struggling to focus & gain momentum?

• Are you frustrated & in need of valuable support to make it all happen?

If you answered yes, you're the very reason I created the Member's Circle.

Karen helped me move through a difficult time. She taught me how to lay a foundation for my life & my business based on success, efficiency, & fulfillment. I feel like I owe her a lot for helping me so profoundly. She is an absolute gem!


Word on the street ...

Karen Aquinas

Master EFT/ Tapping Practitioner & Success Coach

- I found nontraditional methods of healing that worked for me

- EFT / Tapping enabled my recovery & inner growth
- I invested in myself & chaos became clarity
I’m not here to offer zany tactics or pull the wool over your eyes.

You have the advantage of my experiences …Your transformation won’t be as tangled as mine nor take as long.

And you most certainly won’t be at this alone.

Here's the challenge ...

• You’re driven, but not always motivated
• You’re a high performer but second-guess yourself
• You’re on track; then you’re not

It doesn’t need to be this way.

It’s simple, as you energetically align with the vibration of abundance & bring to life your big vision … this method becomes the difference between success & failure.

It’s true, energy tools changed my life & enabled me to scale my business – which you can also master.

It’s time to move what’s stuck, change the beliefs that hold you back, & empower yourself with simple tools to build a life & business you love.

• Increase your energy flow
• Set yourself up for success
• Stop spinning your wheels
• Align with your offer

• Allow money to flow

Yes, there is a way ...

The Member's Circle

We meet twice per month & cover a range of topics.
Benefit from Live Support from Experts.

And a heart-centered approach.

Imagine how good it will feel to grow your business with ease ...

Fun and informative and there's always practical advice;

the education and shift of energy help me move my business forward.

  I love having the tapping scripts, they are always so positive and uplifting - I save them all.


Whether you’re new to business & EFT / Tapping, or you’re a pro, you’ll benefit from 2 value-packed 60-minute sessions + so much more each month.

Join us to discover & learn about relevant business topics while also relaxing your body & calming your mind.

The Member's Circle will help you vibrationally align with your goals & support you in moving into an inspired place of solution-focused clarity that will catapult you forward.

I’m a coach & before Tapping with Karen, I couldn't release the anxiety & stress I was feeling in my body - despite all my mindset tools. I now have a resource to calm my nervous system & focus on the task at hand. I'm so grateful to have found Karen and the tapping process!

Patricia Cimino.

Certified Coach for Entrepreneurs • Florida


The following organizations are among those at which Karen has been honored to be a featured teacher/speaker ~ topics include overcoming trauma & stress, building confidence, business, happiness, & well-being:

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