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Step Into an Empowered Way of Living

 … owning your truth, taking action & embracing energetic transformation is life-changing.

Whether you're a smart go-getter who's realized something is holding you back, or you're looking to leave your baggage on the curb, 

Think Tapping & Success Coaching is an odd combo or a little woo?


I offer private 1:1 and Group Tapping + Success Coaching for you to gain clarity & to show up as your best self.

And I'll let you in on a little secret … my success strategy is surprisingly simple.

I serve ambitious people who are eager to leave behind their troubles, wounds & fears.

Does this sound like you?

Perhaps you're looking to gain clarity, confidence & live a healthy, successful, balanced life with ease.

You long to feel joy & you've got a desire to play big.

You've tried it all ... and no amount of courage, talk therapy, or journaling has worked to date.

You're done with living in the shadows, managing the chaos, the overwhelm, the sadness ...

And the good news?

I've got you covered.

I've got you covered. 

 Our work together launched me to a new level. I have not returned to the state I was prior.  

Marcia, New York

My transformation came quickly and it's lasted.

A new lease on life ...

 I was at my lowest low, I had my six sessions with Karen, and two years later I still feel like I have a new lease on life. My spirit is lifted; I have tools to help myself and I'm excited as well as inspired for what the future brings.

Jamie, Oregon

Karen helped me move through a difficult time. She taught me how to lay a foundation for my life & my business based on success, efficiency, & fulfillment. I feel like I owe her a lot for helping me so profoundly. She is an absolute gem!

Pat, Oregon

A foundation for life & business ...

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