My Honest Review of Make it Work Online

I had been availing myself of Jenny Shih's freebies for about a year (I even sold several special service packages using her sales page template before I ever met her), so joining the program was a no-brainer for me. I knew from experience that Jenny knows her 'stuff', knows how to share it in a concise and practical way and that it WORKS.  Jenny's down to earth, nuts and bolts approach is just my style, not to mention her genuine desire to help catapult service-based entrepreneurs to success. Her dedication to consistently showing up with integrity helped me feel even better about jumping into her program. 

Even though I was very sick the first seven weeks of the program, Make it Work Online helped me put systems in place that moved my business forward in a more productive and financially lucrative way. 

I have tripled the number of members in my Meetup groups, increased my list size, and am consistently bringing in new clients.

Some things  working for me now that I didn't have or do before MIWO include:

I participated in  Jenny Shih's Make it Work Online program this past year and am happy to offer my honest opinion of the program here. (Something I've never done before, for any program.) If you find you have further questions after reading this page, please feel welcome to contact me. 

I'll share what Make it Work Online is and who I think benefits most from the program. I'll share some information to help you decide if it’s the right investment for you and your business and I'll tell you about a great (and massively helpful) bonus you can get if you sign up for MIWO with my affiliate link. So if you're considering enrolling, read through to the bottom of this page to learn how you can get even more bang for your buck!

What IS Make it Work Online (MIWO)?

Make it Work Online is a 12-week business coaching program that includes business training, coaching, copywriting support, and mastermind work via an online community focused on tons of specific action-taking. The program was put together and is run by business coach Jenny Shih.

MIWO is not an online course. It's personalized, with real 1-on-1 guidance from a team of coaches that have been handpicked and trained by Jenny — it's business coaching in large and small group settings tailored specifically to you and your business. You're taught how to take a basic winning formula and make it work for you by making it your own.

Business owners are walked through systems and strategies to get a steady stream of new clients coming in the door. The focus is on business-building essentials (compelling offer, clear message, and consistent, strategic action). MIWO is designed to give you the information PLUS the support you need, so you can step up and DO what it takes to make your online businesses work.

My Honest Review of Jenny Shih's Make it Work Online program

Wondering if it's for you?

       This might help ....

How Make it Work Online Works

Each week of the twelve weeks of the program, you get a new lesson that teaches an essential business-building concept. You receive access to the lesson resources and then complete a specific assignment. There's always a place where you can ask questions and you're never left without a plan on how to put things into action.

Next, you meet with a peer mastermind of three to four other women - your Power Group. They help you complete the assignment. Rules for peer coaching are clearly laid out so this group ends up being pure gold. (It's nearly a year later and I'm still meeting with the women in my group.)

After you get feedback from your Power Group and make revisions, you submit the assignment to get personalized feedback from your coaches so you can be confident you’re putting your very best work online.

Jenny hand-picks a team of great coaches and you'll have two coaches dedicated to the success of you and your business throughout Make it Work Online: a business coach to help you shape the strategic direction of your business, help you think like a true business owner and hit your business goals and a copy coach to help you write copy that attracts your ideal clients like moths to a flame.

Assignments include fashioning your summary/elevator pitch so you can finally explain to people what you do with confidence, creating and writing copy for an offer that will sell itself, writing your home page, about page or any other pages on your website (you get to choose!) so your ideal client can’t wait to hire you. There are also lessons on time management, activities to get clients, mindset, and oodles of templates for nearly everything you'd ever need to write. 

Most weeks there is a group coaching call (a subset the whole group) where your business coach will talk with you, your power group members and a couple of other power groups. She'll answer any questions you and others have about assignments and your business in general.

The basic routine is learn, take action, get feedback, get coached, and keep going. The personalized coaching, practical tools, and lack of gimmicks are what separates Make it Work Online from so many other online courses or group programs out there. The process sets you up for a successful online business.

Also noteworthy: your coaches are in the private Make It Work Online facebook forum every day, Monday through Friday, for the full twelve weeks of the program so you can always get your questions answered. You can keep moving forward at the pace that works best for you; you don't have to wait for help or for others to 'catch up' or feel like you need to 'keep up'. (It's like having your own private business coach and copywriter on call – for a fraction of the cost.)

I think Make it Work Online is a good fit for you if ...

... you are an online, service-based business owner who is struggling to attract the right prospects and convert them into paying clients.

... you have a good idea of what service you provide (or what service you want to provide) and have a published website (even if you don't like your website). Make it Work Online will help you polish your message, create compelling offers and set you up to bring in a steady stream of clients.

... you’ve been bouncing around from course to course, enrolling in every other webinar, downloading all the freebies and trying to learn e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g — but still aren’t seeing any real progress in your business. Make it Work Online will help you stop spinning your wheels and start making it work for real.

... you appreciate down-to-earth, step by step strategies and systems that are presented by sincere people who will help you make them work for you.

I think Make it Work Online is probably NOT a good fit for you if ... 

... you're not ready to actually do the work to Make it Work. In my Power Group, we all worked at making our businesses work. You will get an incredible amount of personal support and guidance in your Power Group and from your coaching team (something you won't find in most online courses or group programs), so you need to be open to learning and growing.

... you don't know what service your business is about. People who got the biggest results from MIWO were the ones who were clearest on what their business was before the program began. Make it Work Online will help you hone your message and define your niche but it will not help you figure out what business you should start if you have no idea yet.

... you have plans that will keep you from several weeks of participation during the program.  (Having a baby can work out fine! And I was unexpectedly sick for seven weeks of the program, but I was present, so that worked out okay.) If you know you won't be able to commit 5-8 hours a week to MIWO work, I wouldn't recommend applying. 

Your business success isn't going to happen without effort. Jenny’s put together a twelve-week program that will give you everything you need, but it won’t do the work for you.

Make it Work Online is not ...

... a get rich quick scheme or the only program, course or coaching you’ll ever need in your business.

Your business success isn't going to happen overnight. You'll definitely be much further along after three months in Make it Work Online (and set up with a six-month plan to follow after that!) but you can’t expect to go from zero to six figures in six weeks.

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals taught in Make it Work Online and moved past your fears and blocks (which is why I'm offering 1-on-1 energy and success coaching sessions with yours truly to anyone who enrolls in Make it Work Online through my affiliate link) you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced business growth strategies, programs or services that will help you continue to make your business work.

FAQs about Make it Work Online:

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to email me ( – I’ll get back to you with my honest thoughts within 24 hours.

Why do I have to apply to enroll in MIWO?

Jenny wants to make sure you’re a perfect fit and will get results from the program so the Make it Work Online coaching team reviews each application. The application process ensures that if you're accepted, you'll be a good fit for the program and be able to get out of it what you want - a business that pays you a full-time income on your terms!

When does enrollment open?

Applications for the 2020 Make it Work Online program will open Thursday, January 27th and will close Wednesday, January 30th at 6pm PST. (Details here.)

How much is it?

Make It Work Online is $4700 if paid in full. There is also a payment plan available. (Details here)

What’s the difference between B-School and MIWO?

Make it Work Online isn't like ANY other online program I know about (B-School included) because it's personalized, with real, 1-on-1 attention — it's business coaching in a group setting, specific to you and your business. It's not general information you're given to figure out on your own.

This is what I've been told about B-School: B-school is a TON of info (very theoretical) and all self-guided, without tools for implementation — some basic stuff and some more advanced — but it can be really hard to take real action and implement when you have questions about what is really right for your business since there is no one to ask for help.

B-School notebooks are impressive, but they don't come with a coach who will answer your specific questions.

Thanks to the coaching team and your power group in MIWO, you’ll really dig into your ideal client's head and heart, the words they use, what they want to buy from you and how to REALLY make your business work — ie. bring clients through the door and help them!

Having your personal team of coaches supporting you every step of the way for three months will change your business. The coaches, their availability and their knowledge base is what the women in my group raved about more than anything. As a collective, they had graduated from numerous high-end programs and never gotten the kind of personalized attention they received in MIWO.

I witnessed the difference in my fellow Make it Work-ers' businesses and was AMAZED. Everyone took action (unlike many B-Schoolers I know) because they had personalized support.


Jenny’s strategic, step-by-step business-building plan, the copy coaching, resources, inspiration, and support of other women in the program were what I needed to be more visible online and boost my business to the next level.

New Website! 

Admittedly, I had already been thinking about switching to and MIWO doesn't teach website design. But, MIWO had a HUGE influence on copy and content that's working great for me. 

On-line Tapping Groups!

I got so used to using Zoom, I saw how easy it would be to take the helm and use it with my own people!

A Great Downloadable!

This isn't my opt-in offer (it's too juicy for that!). It's a supplement I made for a new offer I designed in MIWO. I've gotten great feedback on it as it's included as a resource for all of my private clients as well.

How You Can Get a Bonus When You Enroll in Make it Work Online

Make it Work Online is the first well-balanced, nuts-and-bolts business coaching program I've come across that I can stand behind and recommend without reservation. So many of my students and clients have asked me for tips on building their businesses, I decided to become a MIWO affiliate so I can be “in-the-know” for you both from having participated in the program and from the affiliate side of things.

Being an affiliate means I receive a commission for every person who enrolls at my referral. This allows me to offer a generous package to support you during your MIWO journey with no additional cost to you!



When you enroll using my affiliate link, you’ll receive an email from me to begin our 1-on-1 work together. You'll get all the details for my Resistance Busting, Action Inspiring, Practical Tools Bundle We'll have three private sessions, scheduled at your convenience, to break through any resistance you have to moving forward with your business. We can also go over a couple of time-saving templates I've designed to ease tracking things that make the biggest difference to your bottom line.  (MIWO aligned and inspired, of course!)

(Even if you've already applied, you can still receive my bonuses for enrolling if you email and let them know you wanted to enroll through my link.)