Group Tapping Sessions

"I find the group sessions very helpful. They help keep me focused, aligned and headed in the direction I want to go. I hear new ideas, learn of new things to try, and the borrowers' benefits are very tangible. I always come away feeling uplifted, supported and calm. Karen is a wonderful group facilitator and speaker."

Louise  mcminnville, Oregon

Group sessions are a great way to find out what Tapping is and how energy work can immediately improve the way you feel. 

Join Karen Aquinas and others near and far for a group tapping session in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The benefits of group tapping can be profound, even if the issue being addressed doesn't seem to relate to you. We often delve into several introductory energy wellness basics you can take home and use right away!

No fee • No donation basket • No sales pitch


2020 Group Session Schedule
JANUARY 22 • 3:00 pM
APRIL 20 • 6:00 PM (ONLINE)
JULY 21 • 10:00 am (online)
OCTOBER 12 • 5:30 PM (online)
McMinnville, Oregon

Upstairs at Inner Oasis

448  NE 3rd Street

Corvallis, Oregon

Susan's Garden and Coffee Shop

 1299 NW 29th Street

March 16 • 6:30 pm (ONLINE)
june 9 • 6:30 pm (onlne)
September 23 • 6:30 pm (online)
December 15 • 6:30 pm (online)
April 25 • 2:00 PM (ONLINE)

July 21 • 5:30 pm (onlne)

OCTOBER 17 • 1:00 PM (online)
Bend & Sisters, Oregon

Public Library Meeting Room

(pending reservation confirmation)

Lincoln City, Oregon

Driftwood Public Library

(pending reservation confirmation)

801 SW Hwy 101

Salem, Oregon

The Liberty Building

880 Liberty Street NE

Eugene, Oregon

The Abel Center

2160 W 11th Avenue

In-person Sessions

Six Locations in Oregon, USA
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We meet via Zoom for online group sessions.

Zoom is a video conferencing service you can access on your desktop or mobile device. If you haven't used it before, you'll need to sign up for a free account. You can do that here.

Participation in online group sessions implies agreement with this waiver. 

Online Sessions
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january 23 • 2:00 pm 
february 21 • 9:00 am
march 18 • 1:00 pm
april 20 • 8:00 am

All times are PST, UTC-8

You can use this time zone converter to find out what time we're meeting in your area. 


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Click on a date to register via Eventbrite (which will open in a separate tab).

Registration for online events opens two months before event.

The March 12, 2020 issue of Psychological Trauma, an APA journal, includes information on a study by Dr. Peta Stapleton et al (Bond University). Findings show that cortisol levels dropped 43% in one hour of “group tapping” treatment which support an original study indicating EFT to be an efficient and effective treatment for reducing biological stress markers.

• we're meeting online for a while •

I tapped along with the woman who couldn't sleep, and had my own best night of sleep in probably years

G.K.  new york