"I highly recommend working with Karen. In one session, Karen helped remove a long standing energetic block and open my life to new possibilities. I had such a profound experience in one session that I could not imagine the need for a second session; I was wrong. The second session was as powerful as the first. By removing the energetic blockades that had permeated my life since childhood, I am now more clear, focused and able to move forward with confidence."

mcminnville, Oregon
Deep Dive Tapping Session
just you & me tapping on your 'stuff'

You might not like to admit it but your feathers have been ruffled. You're facing the unknown ~ along with the rest of the world ~ and you're unsettled by it ... of course you are!  And, truth be told, you had plenty on your plate before COVID.

But, you don't have to hold on to all the stress, worry, and fear,

allowing it to wreak havoc on your body and in your life. 

You found out about Tapping, and now you're here.

You have hope now.

You know Tapping has helped thousands of people move out of despair and into a happier life. There's good reason to believe it will work for you too.

You're ready for the lasting results you can get with Tapping. You're ready to break old patterns, reduce panic, and shift your energy so life doesn't feel like such a struggle.

Imagine what it would be like to dedicate a whole hour to tapping specifically on your stuff; the things that are stressing you out; the people, circumstances, and changes that are impacting you the most.  

"Transformation comes quickly, and it lasts!" *  M.C. - New York

After Tapping you'll be able to better handle whatever life throws your way (and life is throwing us some real curveballs right now!

... you won't be burdened by your stress, fear, and worry 

... you'll have a go-to technique you can use to help you stay calm, cool, and collected

... you'll be happier, calmer, and have more energy to do what you want to do

"Awakened to the possibility that you can live life from a more authentic, joyful and productive place"*,

you'll be excited, empowered, and ready to take action toward a happier way of BEing.

I'm Karen Aquinas, an EFT / Tapping Master Practitioner and Teacher. I'll hold a safe space for you to acknowledge what you're experiencing and help you release the fear, worry, and concern that are keeping you awake at night.

I guide my clients through powerful energy techniques that free them from what weighs them down; then I empower them with clarity and tools they can use to live life to the fullest.

In your Deep Dive Tapping Session with me, we'll:

  • tap to relieve your stress, worry, and fear by taking a closer look at what's going on specifically for you.
  • empower you with strategies you can use to keep getting results Tapping on your own.
  • identify what you might want to tap on next so you can keep up the momentum of feeling better.

Your Deep Dive Tapping Session includes:

Igniting Insights Questionnaire & Agreement

Introduce yourself and let me know what's most important for you right now. Get some tips on how to get the most out of your session and find out what you can expect from me and your session (hint: I am transparently committed to your success!).

Face-to-Face, Online Deep Dive Tapping Session 

A 60-minute, one-on-one Tapping session with me. I don't like to pussy-foot around, so we'll dive right in and make the most of our time together by quickly getting to the heart of things. We'll Tap on the issues that will make the most difference for you in one session. By the time we're finished, you'll know what to do next to keep moving forward with Tapping so you can consistently get the results you're after. 

Follow-up Support Call

We'll get together again after about a week for a 20-30 minute phone call. I'll check in on how you're doing, answer any questions you have and make sure you're clear on how you can get the most out of Tapping on issues that are relevant for YOU. 

You'll feel lighter and happier by the end of your Deep Dive Session because

I'll make sure it's uniquely tailored to you and your 'stuff'.

Investment:  Only US$100! 

In celebration of our 100th Online Group Tapping Event, 

the first 100 people to invest in a Deep Dive Session 

will get the special $100 rate! 

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Make your US$100 payment by clicking the button below.

Step 2: After payment, you’ll be invited to schedule your Deep Dive Tapping Session through my online scheduler. If you don’t see a time that fits your calendar, email me and we’ll find a time that works.

Step 3: I’ll send you an email from which you’ll be able to access the Igniting Insights Questionnaire & Agreement

Have questions? Click here to email me.

What people are saying...

“The EFT technique and Karen's approach to it is deeply empowering, and the results of using it are comforting and immediate. There is definitely new promise for the old emotional pain and finally a way to make peace with the past and with myself, and gives me great hope for the future. Thank you so much!”

* "EFT with Karen helps me to create positive energy in my body and my life. I am awakened to the possibility that I can live life from a more authentic, joyful and productive place."

"My session with you has been sooo valuable. I feel my heart is in a whole new space of feeling safer and stronger, more able to handle whatever comes my way."

"I have been given tools on how to let go of all of the things that had happened to me in my life that had caused me to shut myself down and close myself off from my family and friends. It feels amazing to have a whole new outlook on my life. Karen has been an integral part of my journey. She is genuine and supportive. She is caring and thoughtful. She is extremely gifted at what she does. It's amazing to see her in her element.

Because of Karen I am now the person I always wanted be, living the life I always knew I could. Thank you Karen!"

mcminnville, Oregon
michelle peterson
portland, Oregon

* "Our work together launched me to a new level. I have not returned to the state when we began our work.

Very grateful for the compassionate and wise approach you take. And so efficient! Transformation comes quickly and it lasts!" 

new york